Unique = Rewards

Make no mistake about it, you must rise above the crowd, you must be unique in ways that get you noticed. Whether a high school student, college freshman or graduate school student, or even ABD (all but dissertation), making your mark is critical.

But you need the ideas, resources, and help to make that happen.

My name is Lance and I’m here to help you!


  • Coaching
  • Tutoring
  • Workshops, and
  • Seminars

I work with you to build a personal portfolio of products and skills that will make you stand out from, and above, your academic or professional peers.

I will guide you through…

  • Publishing
  • Public Speaking
  • Video Series Creation
  • YouTube Channel
  • Live Broadcasting
  • Brand Development
  • Podcasting, and
  • more.

It begins with one phone call to me at 704-898-1156. Make the call today!

Or use my web form at www.JustAskLance.com